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Went to his site and my computer went goofy when i clicked on his links.viral scan running every time i try to go there.

this guy has an email and i emailed him but he won't write back. guess his site is supposed to run like this. also warned me of spy ware! What!!

i don't understand why his site is so *%^&*ed up! anyone selling stuff should at least know not to add spyware on a prospect's computer.

it was a hided bug that he plants in your computer, like a a virus bug that you download without knowing about it.This guy is a pop up virus!


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Herndon, Virginia, United States #657171

The sad truth is that Bedros Keuilian is a scammer and a thief, as many people have found out the hard way when he helps himself to your credit card, sells ***, uses the same computer rip off schemes as always.For more info, see RipOffReports dot com, and also BusinessConsumerAlliance dot com.

All is pretty much in keeping with the Armenian way.Just a sad shame.

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